Saturday, April 21, 2007

Hmmm..these are my 2 WIP n 1 totally terbengkalai projects. Actually I have 2 more WIPs. EMS baby lamb-which I just found it weeks ago hidden somewhere inside my craft boxes and hmmm..I just started a new project yesterday *greedy*. But sadly, I won't be able to stitch much for next few months..I have a lots of beadwork projects. My customers r going to ketuk my kepala sooooonnn..

For My Record
Exchange=June onwards

Fruits Sampler
Status:WIP-stitches during lunch hour in the office, if I'm not busy or ronda2 at Sg Wang or tidor
Edwina HedgeHog-Very small pattern from mag
Status: WIP-stitches during "jam" hour in KL. I "like" traffic jam in KL *sigh*

My Wedding Photo
Status:Terbengkalai but at least I can see my hidung yg mancung itu..ha ha ha