Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Besides beading, I have a passion for xstitching too. I have started this hobby since 1991, while waiting for my SPM result.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank my great cross stitching "cyber friends" for their spirit n hard work n litte push in helping me to continue my hobby. Thanks friends. I really appreciate our friendships. "ikhlas" ni taww...*smile*

Framed EMS baby animals

EMS-Baby Rabbit 2003

EMS-Baby Butterfly 2002

EMS-Baby Bee 2002

EMS-Baby Panda 2002


Waterfall Scenery-1995

Sun Flower about 5 ft heights in 1994. I think I'm going to hang it as bell pull
Kalimah Nabi Muhammad SAW in 1991

First project in 1991-Kalimah Allah SWT

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Eva said...

kak ain, rasa teruja bila tengok semua project kak ain...semua comel dan cantik..congrats kak ain for doing great job!