Wednesday, May 07, 2008

I bought a book today. This book is about finding purpose in your life and work..
My big dilemma now is WORK...heh heh heh..saja je cari dilemma.
I have read the first chapter, so I just want to share some interesting points with all my friends
#The only time most of us ever learn anything is when we get hit over the back of head. Why! Because it's easier NOT TO CHANGE
#We are not here to be punished. We are here to be educated. Act as if every event has a purpose and your life will have purpose
#Every person who walks into your life ia a teacher. Even if they drive you nuts, they teach you because they show you where your limits are. Just because people are your teachers doesn't mean you have to like them
#Just because you're ready for information doesn't mean everyone else is ready
#If people aren't asking you, they usually don't want the information---long time ago my hubby told me this!!!!
--to be continue--