Tuesday, April 15, 2008

By the time I finished my snowflake "The 6th Day of December", Kak Salmi asked me about "The 10th Day of December". So, I just grabbed my shuttles n wound up the threads.

I tatted this snowflake while traveling from KL-Raub-Gua Musang-Setiu. Believe me..it was the best way to stay awake and alert (good for me as a co-driver yg kena monitor lori balak). It took me nearly 1 hour to figure out how to do the split ring because I forgot to bring my tatting notes. I did called Kak Salmi for helpssss.. S.O.S...bantuan please :-)

Again..proudly presenting my...

Snowflakes: The 10th Day of December
24 snowflakes in Tatting by Lene Bjorn
2 shuttles
with variegated Floretta No.10
Note: split ring using 2 shuttles
1st shuttle: tat until 1/2 ring
2nd shuttle: tat reverse DS without FLIP 1/2 ring