Wednesday, March 12, 2008

This is an improvised version of Snow Flakes: The 5th of December. Can U spot the differences?
Look at the picots with 4 joins and also the chains. I use the technique from this link.

Please read it because I found that this method is very helpful when comes for joins in a chain. It makes your chain's join looks better and not half-twisted. (Sorry I am bad in explaining things but I think U will understand it by looking and comparing at the pictures)

Millions Thank You to Mama "D" for helping me to figure out my mistakes, but I still need to improve the picot's join..nampak semak daaaa.

For Kak Rose-Let me explain apa yg me tau ye. He he he..

False Chain and False Picot: Normally we apply this technique when we want to go to the next row without cutting the thread. Refer to the photo.

Inner Round: Ring1-Chain1-Ring2-Chain2-Ring3-Chain3-Ring4-Chain4-Ring5-Chain5-Ring6-Chain6{1/2 chain without picot-jump and lock at Ring1-start reverse DS until we meet the previous 1/2 chain }-False picot{hold both thread from shuttle n ball-decide your picot size-do 1st half DS with NO flip and 2nd half DS with flip}

Boleh paham ke? Heh heh heh. Mama "D" pls correct me if I am wrong OK.

Arghhhh...this pattern looks simple but it made my head spin. Sakit kepalaaaaa. The good thing is I managed to practice "False Chain" n "False Picot" here. Yearghhh..a small achievement brings a smile to my face (siok sendiri la maksudnya).

Snowflakes: The 5th Day of December

24 snowflakes in Tatting by Lene Bjorn
1 shuttle 1 ball with Variegated Floretta No.10

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