Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Closing ceremony for the successful of BME 2007 XstitchesNXchanges. Billion..Million..Zillion thank you to my dear xs buddies. Sis Dina, Eva, Sis Hida, Sis Min, Elin, Dania, Mus, Ibu Sara, Sis Index, Lynnda and Sis Reen. We did a very wonderful job. We took a lot of effort..we struggle to find the oriental pattern (ha ha ha}. Not to mention that we also suffered enough while doing the book mark's finishing...and..while waiting for abang posmen yang tak kunjung tiba. But the end..our mission accomplished!!! A small gift does bring a big SMILE :-)
Note: Till we meet again in the next exchange!! ohh ya..feel free to publish this photo on your blog :-) tadaaa..
SALAM RAMADHAN to all the viewers